Bake For Good Cause
Your baking can now be an act of love, an act of compassion, an act of kindness and an act of charity. We believe baking and philanthropy are synonymous, as both of them are feel good activities that create a sense of inner happiness and peace. That is why, we at SwissBake®, pledge to donate one third of our profits generated through our “BAKE FOR GOOD” initiative for social causes that can create a positive impact in the lives of those who need support. Every time you bake a product purchased through SwissBake®️ “Bake For Good” initiative, know that you are supporting us in this noble mission and helping us in bringing a smile to the faces of those who are truly deprived.

We at SwissBake® have created a dedicated team of inspired volunteers who search for people who are in genuine need of support. Our management takes time and effort to review each and every case personally, after which direct help is provided by our volunteers without any intermediaries so you can be rest assured that every single penny your contribute towards this initiative goes directly to provide for the less privileged.
Support Bake For Good
Some of the causes for which these funds will be utilised are “Feed the Needy”, “Healing Touch”, “Save the Children”, “Empowerment through Education” and “Bring a Smile”.
What good is a food ingredient company that does not provide for the needy ? This is exactly what Bake for Good “Feed the Needy” cause is all about. Through this we aim to provide the basic food requirements to those who are unable to sustain themselves economically.
Bake for Good “Healing Touch” cause focuses on providing medical support for critical care medical treatment of bread earners in economically backward families. If we can help save the life of the bread earner, we can save an entire family.  
Young orphans are one of the most vulnerable sections of our society even today and often face neglect and exploitation. Through our Bake for Good “Save the Children” initiative we aim to fulfil the basic necessities of poor orphan kids until the time they are capable of supporting themselves, giving them an opportunity to create a life worth living for themselves.
Education is every child’s right and it opens doors to opportunities, sadly there are innumerable kids who do not get to exercise this right due to their social and economic conditions. Bake for Good “Empowerment through Education” aims to change this by making a difference.
Bake for Good “Bring a Smile” cause is one of the closest to our heart and through this we regularly distribute baked goods like cookies, cakes, donuts and muffins to street kids, because who wouldn’t love to brighten their day. Putting a smile on a child’s face is one of the purest forms of humanity, making acts of giving like these all the more special and heart warming.
As we take on the responsibility of trying to create a positive impact during these difficult times, we invite you to join us and nurture the fundamental source of joy in your life that can only be experienced only through acts of compassion and kindness towards others.
In addition to the sheer satisfaction you will get from baking truly world class products designed for professional chefs and bakers, you will also experience a sense of peace and positivity knowing that your purchase will provide hope and joy to the life of someone who needs support.

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